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Admission Process

1. Complete the Application for Admission

Download, complete, sign and send the documents below, on this screen (Follow the steps indicated in the "Requirements" document).

2. Review of Applications

We will evaluate the request you submitted and provide you with further guidance on the next steps. 

3. Evaluation and / or interviews

Applicants from 2nd to 11th grade will have a virtual evaluation. Then they will be given a date and time for interviews (applicant and parents).
For those applying to preschool through 1st grade, it is our policy to interview both parents.

4. Vacancy Assignment and LMCS Enrollment

Acceptance is contingent upon the number of vacancies available. Once we have confirmed this, we will send you an acceptance email with full details of how to do the payment.

5. Welcome to LMCS!

Finally, you and your child will go through a welcome and orientation process regarding the information they must know to enter classes.


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Descargar: 04. Solicitud para postular a "La Molina Christian Schools"

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